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In this industry we understand the importance of the experience you call for. This is why we provide high level, hard working and cost effective crew members.

Our job in Film and Events is often to do the hard graft. We understand our position of support in benefiting the team on the day or throughout the duration of the required service. Our strength is geared towards lessening the stress and weight on the customers shoulders.

We have continued to evolve in this field and with our skill and understanding of the expertise involved we have managed to support NETFLIX productions on multiple occasions.

We provide staff for both big and small events, which may include setting up rigging, carrying speakers, arranging chairs for a hotel room, assisting lighting setups, props and even camera equipment.

UK’s film industry produces many successful and all time favourite films. Its employs up to 100,000 people which makes it so vibrant and a very productive industry. Chess Move Deliveries has become a part of this skilled labour force. It is humbling that our diverse and skilled team have managed to become part of and a valued supporting partner in the behind the scenes set up within the film and TV industry.

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