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Chess Move Deliveries is regulated by the National Guild of Removers and Storers, Which Trusted Trader and the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme upholding us to operating at the highest standard of removals in the UK.


Our team of fully trained removers only work for Chess Move Deliveries. This ensures consistent quality and accountability at all times throughout your move.

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If you are time constrained, we can organise a same day video quote to help you meet your removal deadline. We are also happy to quote you based on you sending a video of the items you would like moving.

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We take the work seriously, but we enjoy having a laugh.

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When you choose us, you'll feel the benefit of 32 years of experience in moving.

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Chess Move Deliveries

With over 30 years of combined experience in man and van services in Enfield, we’ve got a well-seasoned team no matter how big, small, complex or easy or your move is in Enfield.


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Packing, Storage, Dismantle & Assemble

In addition to our man and van service in Enfield, we also offer packaging, storage and a dismantling and assembling service to our customers in Enfield.

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Corporate Clients

Over the years we’re proud to have been chosen my businesses small and large in Enfield to help with their moving needs. Logo’s

If you are interested in procuring our man and van service for your company, please call us on 0207 123 4847 for a same day quote.

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Same Day Video Quote

We understand how timely and stress free your move in Enfield needs to be and therefore offer customers the option to have a same day video quote.
We will arrange a time suitable for you to show us everything you would like moving over a video call and then provide you with a same day quote for move or you can send us a video with your contents.
There is no fee to pay for a same day video quote.

Emergency Man and Van in Enfield

If you have been let down or if you have an urgent move we offer an emergency man and van service in Enfield. Please call Michael on 07535 175 834 anytime.

Areas We Cover in Enfield

Our man and van services cover London's Enfield area, our seasoned team is equipped to handle moves of any size or complexity within Enfield and its surrounding locations. Whether your move is large, small, intricate, or straightforward, we're your local experts in Enfield.


Please find an answer to most common questions asked by customers about our man and van, removals service we provide.



With Chess Move Deliveries Ltd we provide this service for free with no obligation. Our transparency and customer satisfaction is important to us during the booking process. You can start this process by completing our online enquiry form. Your quotation will be forwarded instantly to your provided email or to your phone if requested.

Yes. You will be asked a series of questions which will be required to be answered as accurately as possible. It is very important that no details are missed out during this process.

When booking our removal service, we strongly recommend providing as much notice as possible. This will give you more confidence in securing your preferred date. Ideally 2-4 weeks notice will allow us to plan and effectively organize the logistics for your move.

Having said this, we understand that circumstances vary. We will make every effort in accommodating last minute bookings. Our goal is to offer you a stress-free moving experience, and early communication empowers us to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Any parking tickets or fines are not included. Additional trips and packing materials are not included unless we are providing a packing service.

We most certainly can. Please make your move manager or case handler aware or simply make the request with the quantity and we can arrange to have this delivered to you for your move. If you don’t know how much packing material you require your move manager will most certainly be able to assist you in this case. We also provide a packing service which takes the stress from your hands. In this instance when you are quoted the packing materials will be included in the costs.

Every vehicle travels with safety equipment ensuring the safe transportation of your goods.

Yes. We have a 4-hour minimum charge however we can take into consideration a 3 hour move.

This enables us to account for the resources, and uphold a high level of efficiency whilst adequately compensating your movers for their time and effort.


The cost of your move will always be tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We take into consideration property access, the size, required staff, packing, disassembly and reassembly, packing.

You will have access to our free consultation in which we will advise you the different options and costs to consider for your move. This negates any hidden costs.

We recommend you to download our moving checklist which takes you through the many different phases of things included in your move process.

It is recommended you begin this process up to 3 week prior your move date to cause as little disruption as possible. In some cases, there is very little notice. This is something your move manager will be able to take you through to make sure you are out of your property in good time. 

We do have a minimum charge. This is dependant on the number of movers required and the size of the van and will be transparently stated to you upon receiving the details of your move.

Loading & Unloading

Every van is equipped with removal blankets, bungee cords, straps to secure your items, which help prevent any movement in the vans reducing any risk of scratching, rubbing, breakages and any damage whilst in transit.

We utilise a variety of different removal equipment to guarantee the efficient ad smooth transportation and loading of your belongings. These consist of:

  • Trollies and dollies: Both four wheeled and two wheeled, help to transfer the weight of carrying particular items especially the heavier items such as fridges or office cabinets.
  • Tools: We carry wide ranging toolkits which include, drills, screwdrivers and Alen keys which support in the disassembling and reassembly of furniture.
  • Moving straps, ratchet straps: With a wide variety of different straps all our vans are equipped to manage every single item in the safest way possible, without straining items strapping them too tight. The straps are all either adjustable or come with different lengths to manage the sizes of items from big to small.

Removal blankets are similarly called furniture pads that are used to offer thick layers of protection to your prized belongings. Your items are important to us and ensuring this is used correctly protects against dents, scratches, rubbing marks and breakages. The blankets can be wrapped over tables as well as fragile items including mirrors and pictures.

The length of time taken to complete each move is dependant on a number of variables. This includes, packing and unpacking, number of items, the distance from the property to the van and the size and weight of your items. Our staff are trained to safely and effectively carry your items over being fast and careless.            

Assembly & Disassembly

Our team of professional movers are trained in doing so. Any item we dismantle unless we are told otherwise, we expect to reassemble. The items we dismantle and reassemble commonly includes, tables, beds, sofas, wardrobes and two/ three piece cabinets. For complex items such as wardrobes please have the instructions to hand which can commonly be found online if the original has been misplaced.

This needs to be done by a professional as it involves working with gas and electricity which can be dangerous if not handled with the correct attention. Cookers need to be disconnected using the correct tools for safety reasons. Wrongfully disconnecting a cooker can result in electrical faults or gas leaks. This can damage the cooker and property as well as  lead to injury or death. A professional will be able to correctly advise you on the standing of the cooker as well as support with instillation of a new one if needed.


This is absolutely fine. We recommend as soon as you are able to place the required deposit down on a date that this is done. This way your move day is secured. Should you wish to change this date you will not be charged as long as we have 72hour notice period.

We recommend speaking to your estate agents to get an estimate time for when you need to vacate your current property and to receive the keys for the new property. They will sometimes give you an estimate time to collect your keys but please bear in mind this is no guarantee. A rule of thumb is usually to expect you out of your property by latest 1:30 which is why we start our moves early in the morning. As we understand the frustration with this being completely out of your control unlike most companies you will not be charged for the 1st hour spent in waiting for keys from the estate agent. Following the first free hour, there is a £65ph cost following.

It is unfortunately something that can happen however we most certainly can help. An option would be to place the items into storage. Another option may be to keep your items in the van in a safe locked up location for the items to be delivered the next day. (This will be dependent on the vans availability for the next day)


No. As long as you have provided the update up to 72 hours before move date. We are more than aware that plans out of your control can arise and we will do our upmost to accommodate you along the way. This is subject to having availability.

If you find yourself waiting for the keys to your new property, we recommend proactively coordinating with your estate agents to obtain an estimated timeline for the handover. Whilst estate agents may provide a tentative schedule, it is essential to note that this is not a guaranteed timeframe. In our experience a general guideline is to anticipate vacating your property no later than 1:30pm. This is precisely why we initiate our moves in the morning to accommodate potential delays.


Understanding the frustration that arises from circumstances beyond your control, unlike most companies, we won’t impose charges for the first hour spent waiting for the keys from the estate agent. We believe in supporting our clients during these transitional moments. Subsequent to this initial hour, a charge of £65 per hour will be applicable, allowing for a fair and transparent approach to any additional waiting time.

No. We do not charge an additional cost for heavier items. Its is always good to make us aware if you do have particular items which you may consider heavy. This allows us to ensure we have the most appropriate equipment and adequate movers for you move to be efficient. It also allows us to manage the necessary logistics. Items which may come with an additional charge include, safes, piano transportation and motorcycles.

Order Status

Simply request vehicle tracking or contact our customers support team who will happily provide you with updates.


It is the customers responsibility to organise the parking and ensure space is available for the removal van. A way to guarantee this is to reach out to your local council by telephone or via the website and apply for parking suspension for your removal date should you not have a drive.

If you are having difficulties doing so you are required to inform your move manager as soon as possible. They will then talk you through and discuss alternative solutions. Additional charges may apply if the removal van needs to park a further distance away from the property.

This can be used to reserve the required parking space for your removal company but you need to ensure that the sign is clearly displayed and with enough notice whilst being in accordance to the local authorities regulations. Please check with your local council to view the guidelines and requirements

Helpers and Labourers

Packing & Unpacking

We advise not to leave your packing for the day of your move. We are often told that customers do not realise the amount of items they have until they begin packing and this may in turn cause unnecessary stress on a day that can already be deemed as stressful if not managed well.

Packing on the last day may result in damage to items especially if the correct level of attention and care has not been put into packing fragile items.

We recommend packing well in advance of your moving day to allow enough time to correctly pack and label your boxes.

This will contribute to ensuring your items are secure, can easily be identified and there are no additional charges due to unnecessary delays.

Our packing and unpacking option is a professional solution planned to support customers who may not want to, or have the time to pack and unpack their belongings. This is done with proficiency and effectively with a well-planned move manager who will talk you through the best strategy for you. Our fully trained movers are experts in handling all your needs

It is a very good idea packing an essentials box. This will be full of things you may need immediately upon arrival at your new home.

Some items you may want to consider are toiletries, medication, important documents (passport, house exchange documents), phone and laptop chargers, electronics. This helps customers digging through multiple boxes to find these items in a panic. It will make the transition smoother and a lot more stress free.

There are a few steps you can follow to pack your plates safely:

  1. Choose your packing material of choice from packing paper, to bubble wrap or foam plate covers. Use a strong cardboard box, double wall is advised. Avoid big boxes as this will be heavy to carry once loaded.
  2. Individually wrap each plate. To do this place the plate into the centre of the bubble wrap or packing paper and fold over. Secure it with tape and repeat. You can stack no more than 5 on top of one another with each individual plate being wrapped.
  3. Create padding at the bottom of the box, lightly scrunch packing paper, use foam peanuts or bubble wrap to do this.
  4. Place the plates vertically in the box rather than flat. It will distribute the weight evenly. If they are placed flat then the pressure will cause the plates to damage the ones at the bottom.
  5. Add more padding to create a layer and repeat. Should the box be to small for another layer then fill the gaps the avoid any movement in the box whilst it is sealed and being transported.

Packing & Materials

The benefit of labelling your boxes with Chess Move Deliveries is we will ensure each and every single box is placed into the correct rooms for you so you don’t have to. Moving is stressful with enough to worry about so the least we can do is help you walk into your new home with the items in the right place. Another tip is to use different coloured tape or when discussing with your moving manager place a label in each room so it is easily identifiable to the box names and room names/ numbers.

This also irradicates the constant need for the movers to ask where you would like each item that comes of the van.

We can most certainly provide you with packing materials including, bubble wrap, boxes, wardrobe boxes, wrapping paper, tape. Please request this when planning your move.

Other Questions

We do not have any hidden costs once you have truthfully and accurately answered all the necessary questions. Your quotation is based on the accuracy of your itinerary provided.

We aim to have you have you out of your old and in to you new property as efficiently as possible. We unfortunately are not able to give you a time guarantee as many different factors effect the duration of each move but we do promise to ensure your items are moved in as swiftly with as much necessary care possible. Some of the things that contribute to the length of a job included stairs, lift, key collection from the estate agent, direct parking, number of vans and manpower required, dismantling and reassembly, ensuring all your items are packed and ready before your movers arrive.

Bad weather can be the reason your move slows down however, it will not be a reason for Chess Move Deliveries to cancel your job. With snow we would most importantly want to place everyone’s safety at the top of the list with the safety of your items, which means the necessary steps to ensure any pathway has been cleared and de-iced.

Rain will only slow down the move if it means we cannot bring items from inside the house to outside of the van in preparation to effectively load therefore items will be transferred on a one at a time basis. Your move will still be carried out and completed.


The quality of service we provide our customers is at the top of our priority list. We want to ensure the safety of your item and the property not being damaged so it is very important where you get the chance to, to make necessary measurements and avoid any last minute disappointments on the day.

If the door can be removed safely then this will be an option, dismantling and reassembling items is also an option we use to solve many of our customers problems.

We have in some instances created a hoist in order for the item to be transferred up via a window.


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