Steps For An Easier Move


Steps For An Easier Move

With extensive experience in the moving industry, Chess Move Deliveries can help with your move. Below find some helpful steps you can take.

The last thing you want to do when moving house is pay for items to be moved which you will end up throwing away. Thoroughly go through your house at least 10 days before your move. Speak to a member of the team at Chess Move Deliveries if you would like to discuss options for this with your move.

When sorting through your house remember to clear items from under the stairs, the garden, loft, spare rooms. This way you will be on top of any hidden surprises as to things you have held over the years and had no use for.

Think ahead about where to place your furniture

View or even roughly map out how and where your items will be placed in your new property. You should have access to the dimensions of the rooms in order to work out what will and wont fit.

If possible before the move visit your new property to double check dimensions and you will be able to see if furniture and things like your curtains fit. Of course if not it gives you the ability to declutter the old ones and measure for new ones in preparation for your move.

We can assure you less hassle with your move if you take these steps sooner rather than later. This will give you the opportunity to sell unwanted items before needing to move them over needing to pay for its disposal.

Deciding your removal company

Moving yourself can sometimes be a preferred option if you have minimal items and live, say in a small studio flat on the ground floor. As long as you had some form of help and access to renting a van (small van roughly £80- larger luton vans £200) on the day. This can be practical for local moves. You will need to bear in mind the vans will need to be picked up and returned at a certain time to avoid any additional charges and you may need to think about costs such as fuel, insurance or any controlled zone areas.

Having a larger sized property or living in an apartment which isn’t on the ground floor will not be as easy.

A removals company will ease the stress of this especially if you need to be out of your property by a certain time (often 12:00pm). Chess Move Deliveries will ensure that with the right information, you have the right number of staff on the day to effectively and efficiently carry out the job. In turn avoiding any additional cost from your estate agents due to delays from moving out.

Packing Boxes

To make packing easier there are few different things you should consider.

Make sure you have enough packing materials. It is also important to use quality materials which will contribute to the safe keeping of your items. Avoid putting to much into one box in particular, lot of heavy items or loading a large box up with books and remember to label each box.

Despite most items being able to go straight into packing boxes you will of course want to take care of any fragile items. It will be worth packing these separately from the rest of your items. Use plenty bubble wrap clearly label the box fragile.

Chess Move Deliveries offer packing service to take the stress away with fully trained staff and all the necessary equipment.

Labelling your items

Labelling or colour tagging your items will make it easier for your movers to know exactly which room items are to go into when it reaches the new property. This saves the constant need to ask you where each item is to go into as well as you feeling forced to make rushed decisions on the spot.

Notify the relevant people

You should notify the utility companies about your move. Other organisations such as your doctors, banks, DVLA, insurance providers, phone and internet providers and many more.

If you would like a moving checklist please request this…

Consider Parking

A day or two prior your move if you do not have a drive it is important to remember to reserve a parking space large enough for the van (vans) to enable easy access.

If you are moving to flats or apartments you may need to give advanced notice to a concierge if available or the local authority regarding easy access.

This may be necessary in many cases to arrange parking permits for your move.

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